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Abstract - The following replacement names are provided for several homonyms newly detected in the Solifugae: Mumaella, nom. nov. for Gluviella Lawrence, 1956; Galeodes dahlahensis, nom. nov. for Galeodellus lindbergi Roewer, 1960; Galeodes darendensis, nom. nov. for Galeodes atroluteus Roewer, 1961; Galeodes dellacaveae, nom. nov. for Galeodila somalica Caporiacco, 1944; Galeodes gromovi, nom. nov. for Galeodes birulae Roewer, 1941; Galeodes krausi, nom. nov. for Galeodes roeweri Kraus, 1959; Galeodes lawrencei nom. nov. for Galeodellus bicolor Lawrence, 1954; Galeodes levyi, nom. nov. for Galeodes dorsalis Roewer, 1934; Galeodes mauryi, nom. nov. for Galeodila unicolor Lawrence, 1956; Galeodes sarpolensis, nom. nov. for Galeodellus parous Roewer, 1960; Galeodes tangkharzarensis, nom. nov. for Galeodila afghana Roewer, 1960; Galeodes turki, nom. nov. for Galeodes fuscus Turk, 1947; Solpuga chelicornis carlkochi, nom. nov. for Solpuga chelicornis var. rufescens Hewitt, 1919; Solpugema whartoni, nom. nov. for Solpuga orangica Lawrence, 1942.

Numerous new generic combinations are proposed for species whose genus has been previously synonymized. Datames magna Hancock, 1888 is proposed as the type species of Arenotherus Brookhart and Muma, which is placed as a junior synonym of Eremorhax Roewer. The type species of Paragaleodes Kraepelin, 1899 is newly designated as Galeodes scalaris C.L. Koch, 1842, and Zombis Simon, 1882 is treated as a valid genus and removed from the synonymy of Paragaleodes Kraepelin, 1899. The name Eremobates legalis, nom. nov., is proposed for the Mexican species previously known as E. geniculatus (Simon). The Mesozoic amblypygid genus Protophrynus Petrunkevitch, 1913 is replaced with Sorellophrynus. Simonoonops is proposed for the spider genus Eusimonia Dumitrescu and Georgescu, 1987 (Oonopidae) which is a junior homonym of Eusimonia Kraepelin, 1899. The spider subfamily Sternodinae is replaced with Sternoidinae, nom. nov.

Author(s) HARVEY, MARK S. : Part 4
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