A new species of spiny-tailed gecko (Squamata: Diplodactylidae: Strophurus) from the mulga woodlands of inland Western Australia

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ABSTRACT – A new species of spiny-tailed gecko, Strophurus spinula sp. nov., is described from inland areas of southern Western Australia. Among its diagnostic features are a discontinuous mostly straight row of enlarged tubercles down either side of the body, and the caudal spines of the tail are uniformly coloured with the largest lateral spines aligned to form a laterodorsal row on either side of the tail. In these characteristics it is most similar in morphology to Strophurus assimilis, and to a lesser extent S. intermedius. Genetic information shows it is most closely related to a group of species that includes S. intermedius, S. spinigerus and S. rankini. Strophurus spinula sp. nov. is found largely within the southern mulga woodlands region of Western Australia, and at the southern margins of its range is parapatric with respect to S. assimilis.

Author(s) Ross A. Sadlier, Cecilie A. Beatson, Ian Brennan and Aaron M. Bauer
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