New species and records of Phreodrilidae (Annelida: Clitellata) from Western Australia

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 5 years ago

ABSTRACT – Two new species of Phreodrilidae are described from habitats and regions of Western Australia from which the family has not previously been recorded. Phreodrilus peniculus sp. nov., the first phreodrilid to be described from north-western Australia, is characterised by a very short pseudopenis terminating in a small papilla at the apex of a long invagination of the body wall. This and other Phreodrilus with coiled pseudopenes are shown to have the pseudopenes and sometimes part of the atria ciliated. Astacopsidrilus edwardi sp. nov., which inhabits temporary seepages on granite outcrops of the inland south-west, has a swelling on the spermathecal ducts and often has replicated spermathecal chaetae. Additional records are provided for some previously recorded species.

Author(s) Adrian M. Pinder
Records 21 : Part 4
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