Morphological variation in Miniopterus pusillus and M. australis (sensu Hill 1992) in southeastern Asia, New Guinea and Australia

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 5 years ago

ABSTRACT – The morphology of 366 specimens of small (forearm <45 mm; cranial mastoid width <7.9 mm) Miniopterus from Indonesia, Philippines, New Guinea and Australia was examined, with the assistance of univariate and multivariate statistical analyses.

Four species (M. pusillus, M. australis, M. paululus and M. shortridgei) are recognised. Each of these species differentiates into recognisable forms, mostly named, but a new subspecies is described for M. paululus from Selaru island. Indeterminate subspecies are recognised for M. pusillus from Alor, Roti and Seram islands; M. australis from Kai island; and M. shortridgei from islands in the Outer Banda Arc and Wetar island.

There was no marked sexual dimorphism among populations of these species, except in cranial height, where males were larger. These are the first records of M. pusillus on Lombok, Sumbawa, Alor and Roti islands; and of M. shortridgei on Madura, Lombok, Sumbawa, Alor, Roti, Semau, Savu, Wetar and Selaru islands.

Author(s) D.J. Kitchener and A. Suyanto
Records 21 : Part 1
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