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Abstract - The procurement of .303 Martini arms by the colony of W.A. between 1893-1900 is traced using the available archival record. It is demonstrated that those procurements relating to Martini-Enfield rifles can be defined as three separate groups, viz, Group one, 200 M-E Is (1898), Group two, 200 M-Es (1900) and Group three, at least 251 Unofficial Conversion M-E Is (1899-1900). Archival evidence is presented which firmly establishes the historical link between the Group one and Group three anns described in Part I of this paper and W.A.s procurement program described in Part lI. A reasonable hypothesis is presented to link the Group two M-E Mark lIs also described in Part I with 200 M-Es ordered in 1900 which are described in Part H.

Two earlier orders for .303 Martini-Metfords and a later order for .303 Lee-Speed Magazine rifles are also addressed to maintain the historical context and chronological continuity.

Author(s) TROTTER, GEORGE B. : Part 3
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