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Luggage from Zora Bryce and her family
Luggage from Zora Bryce and her family
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This trunk belonged to Zora Bryce and her family. They emigrated from the UK to Perth in the early 1960s. Just before Christmas in 1961, Zora and her family boarded the P&O liner Acadia bound from Southhampton in the UK to Fremantle.

The family only had limited space to take their possessions on the trip, amongst these, were the two trunks donated to the WA Museum.

According to Zora Bryce the trunks date from the beginning of the 20th century and were originally used by her grandmother's family when they emigrated to Canada.

The Acadia arrived in Fremantle in January 1962. The family were accompanying Zora's father who was coming to work as the Managing Director of Hawker Sidley's operations in Western Australia.

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