1914 STAR, medal, British


Four pointed bright bronze star ensigned with a crown. The obverse has crossed gladius, overlaid with an oak wreath that is ensigned with the cypher of King George V. Interlaced in the crossed blades of the gladius is an ‘S’ shaped scroll bearing the words ‘AUG’, ‘1914’, and ‘NOV’. The reverse is plain and is stamped with the name and unit of the recipient.Originally eronoeously entered in register as 1914 Service Medal.
The ribbon is red, white and blue, shaded and watered.
Ref: Ribbons and Medals, Taprell Dorling, H.,p.122, George Philip, London, 1974

Ref: www.defence.gov.au/medals


History Department


History Collection

Collection Item Data

Accession Number: W1970.734
Accession Date: 25 Jun 1966


Bronze/Metal0 - Whole



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