About the Building

A stunning new building with deep historical roots.

The new Western Australian Museum is a dramatic and bold landmark located in the heart of the Perth's Cultural Centre.

Conceived and designed by the international architectural consortium of Hassell + OMA, its clean lines and dramatic spaces both promise, and deliver, exciting experiences.

Our vision for the design was to create a space that promotes engagement and collaboration, responding to the needs of the Museum and the community. We wanted it to be a civic place for everyone; an interesting mix of heritage and contemporary architecture, that contributes to the revitalisation of Perth’s cultural precinct whilst celebrating the culture of Western Australia on the world stage.

Mark Loughnan | Hassell Principal

The soaring spaces, stunning details and metallic finishes reflect the vast and sweeping landscapes of Western Australia. Thoughtfully selected materials and textures reflect Western Australia’s diverse natural resource, culture and history.

The New Museum is a place to welcome everyone to explore the natural and social heritage of Western Australia. More importantly, it has been deliberately designed as a place for conversations, to inspire new ideas and knowledge of global relevance. It is a museum that both showcases and stimulates discoveries.

David Gianotten | OMA Managing Partner

Just as impressive is the integration of four of Perth’s most extraordinary heritage buildings, all of which are ingeniously wrapped into the overall design, with seamless connections between them and the new buildings. Stitching the Museum together are two loops—one horizontal and one vertical—allowing people to move through the buildings in their own way, creating their own unique experience.

The new Western Australian Museum will be a place for everyone to share ideas. It will be a place to promote discussion and debate about our past, present, and future. Western Australia’s unique cultural and scientific collections will come alive across eight new galleries and a 1,000 square metre temporary exhibition space. Surrounding the galleries are welcoming and inclusive spaces with universal access and amenities, including purpose-built learning studios, multipurpose spaces for public events and functions, a shop and a café.

A fusion of a strong Western Australian identity with a global perspective, the new Museum is a space to be celebrated and shared.

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