Dinosaur Discovery - Phone and Tablet App

About the app

The Dinosaur Discovery app accompanies the Western Australian Museum's premier dinosaur exhibit Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous starting in Perth on 11th April 2014 before it tours around the world. This app features unique 3D content that is accessed by finding and discovering frame markers located throughout the exhibition, on merchandise, exhibition tickets and also publicly available on marketing material including posters, flyers, bus stops and in newspapers and magazines. 

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How to use the app

To see the augmented reality dinosaurs look for either the big Spinosaurus posters like the one below:

Dinosaur Discovery - Lost Cretaceous

Dinosaur Discovery feature image
Image copyright WA Museum 

Or look for markers that are placed throughout the exhibition and are also on the tickets that you purchase to enter the exhibition:

Frame marker for the Dinosaur Discovery app

Once you have found the Spinosaurus or one of the markers, launch the Dinosaur Discovery app and point them at the picture / marker (to practice try with the two images found above):

Operating the Dinosaur Discovery app

Operating the Dinosaur Discovery App
Image copyright WA Museum 

Then watch your phone or tablet as the dinosaur comes to life

A spinosaurus coming to life with app

Dinosaur Discovery App
Image copyright WA Museum 

Dinosaurs coming to life on the markers

Dinosaur Discovery App
Image copyright WA Museum 

Once you have the dinosaur positioned where you like it, you can take a picture with the dinosaurs:

Holding a dinosaur

Holding a dinosaur
Image copyright WA Museum 

And then share on Facebook or Twitter:

Social media sharing with the dinosaur discovery app

Share your dinosaur
Image copyright WA Museum 

The app accessing your photostream

The app needs to be able to access your photostream if you want the photos you take with the app to save to your phone's photo gallery. You will have the option to allow this when you first use the app, otherwise you can enable this through your phones privacy settings. With you need to activate sharing in iOS go to "settings" > then "Privacy" > then "Photos" > then make check that the "Dinosaur Discovery" toggle is activated and allowing sharing.

Accurate dinosaurs

The 3D dinosaurs in this application are anatomically correct representations which are based on the latest paleontological research carried out around the world and the Western Australian Museum.

The dinosaurs featured in this app include:

  1. Leaellynasaura
  2. Australovenator
  3. Minmi
  4. Muttaburrasaurus
  5. Therizinosaurus
  6. Spinosaurus
  7. Carcharodontosaurus
  8. Styracosaurus
  9. Amargasarus
  10. Protoceratops
  11. Velociraptor

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Feedback and support

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