Kimberley Woodside Collection Project (Woodside 4)

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Clay Bryce capturing a beautiful octopus
Clay Bryce capturing a beautiful octopus
Image copyright of WA Museum

The Aquatic Zoology department is currently undertaking a research project that is jointly funded between the Western Australian Museum and Woodside Energy Limited.

This study consists of statistically analysing major data sets to compare various marine faunal groups with habitats of the Kimberley coastal region and documenting their relationships. This project consists of four components:

  1. Documenting previous surveys and knowledge (historic collection and report data)
  2. Undertaking additional surveys from a range of sites throughout the Kimberley
  3. Identifying and analysing the marine faunal collections
  4. Disseminating the scientific results to inform communities and the general public of the research through a variety of media: publications, lectures, web, documentary and museum displays

The online exhibition, Marine Life of North Western Australia has been developed in association with this project.