HMA Submarines AEI and AE2

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A ship anchored on a calm harbour
Survey vessel MV Barbarian
Image copyright of WA Museum

The Maritime Archaeology department has extensively participated in surveying the HMA Submarines AEI and AE2 which were both lost during WWI. The Western Australian Museum has since assisted the nation recover and explore the wrecks of both submarines.

AE2 was lost in the Dardanelles campaign, as a tribute to its story and importance, the WA Museum features this submarine’s story in the defence exhibit at the Western Australian Museum - Maritime. Dr Ian MacLeod from the Museum analysed the wreck’s condition, and both Dr MacLeod and Dr Michael McCarthy (also from the Museum) have made a series of recommendations for its in situ preservation in. These works are ongoing.

AE1 was lost with all hands off Rabaul in PNG. It has yet to be discovered. On the basis that the nation owes a debt to its war dead and must endeavour to explain how personnel were lost in service, in 2002 the Western Australian Museum became involved to help locate the vessel. Dr Michael McCarthy provided advice, expertise and experience in assisting the search. Similarly Dr Jeremy Green provided when a search was finally mounted remote-sensing equipment and expertise). Both aspects of this project are ongoing.

See report #247.