Jeremy Wilson, Postdoctoral Fellow, UWA

Research Associate – Arachnology

Terrestrial Zoology

BSc (Hons), PhD (Griffith University, QLD)

Jeremy in the field


Revision of the Australian wishbone spiders (Aname)
Biogeography and evolutionary biology of the Australian wishbone spiders (Aname)
Systematics and evolution of Australian idiopids
Evolution of mygalomorph (trapdoor spiders) morphology and behaviour


Conservation systematics and rapid taxonomy of Australia's most diverse genus of trapdoor spiders (Aname) - ABRS



Selected Publications

Wilson, JD, Hughes, JM, Raven, RJ, Rix, MG & Schmidt, DJ. (2018). Spiny trapdoor spiders (Euoplos) of eastern Australia: broadly sympatric clades are coupled with burrow architecture and male morphology. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 122: 157–165.

Wilson, JD, Raven, RJ, Schmidt, DJ, Hughes, JM & Rix, MG. (2020). Total-evidence analysis of an undescribed fauna: resolving the evolution and classification of Australia’s golden trapdoor spiders (Idiopidae: Arbanitinae: Euoplini). Cladistics 36: 543–568.

Wilson, JD, Rix, MG, Schmidt, DJ, Hughes, JM & Raven, RJ. (2021). Systematics of the spiny trapdoor spider genus Cryptoforis (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae: Euoplini): documenting an enigmatic lineage from the eastern Australian mesic zone. Journal of Arachnology 49: 28–90.

Wilson JD, Mongiardino Koch N & Ramirez MJ. (2022). Chronogram or phylogram for ancestral state estimation? Model-fit statistics indicate the branch lengths underlying a binary character’s evolution. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 13: 1679–1689.

Wilson JD, Bond JE, Harvey MS, Ramírez MJ & Rix, MG. (2023). Correlation with a limited set of behavioral niches explains the convergence of somatic morphology in mygalomorph spiders. Ecology and Evolution 13: e9706.