School Holidays at WA Shipwrecks Museum

Sat 3 Apr 2021Sun 18 Apr 2021


WA Shipwrecks Museum

Riddled with Rats

The rats are back! See if you find all these pesky creatures hiding in our Museum in the Riddled with Rats trail and surprise your friends with a ‘rat-in-a-box’ papercraft.

Dates: 3 - 18 April 
Times: 10am-2pm
Cost: Free
Age: 4+
Bookings: Required for groups 10+. Call 1300 134 081

Pirates! A choose-your-own-adventure story 

Don’t miss this amazing adventure with the loveable pirate, Captain Boots.

This captain has struggled ashore near the WA Shipwrecks Museum, and he wants you to join him as part of his special crew!

Through a wonderful world of imagination, be prepared for Captain Boots to take you on a rollicking, fun-filled adventure throughout the WA Shipwrecks Museum in search of hidden treasure! Real maps, real swords, real treasure.

Nominated for Best Children's Event, FRINGE WORLD 2017.

Dates: Tuesday 13 April - Sunday 18 April 
Times: 10:30am - 11am 
Cost: Pay as you feel
Age: 4 - 10 years 
Bookings:  Essential 

13 April

14 April

15 April

16 April

17 April

18 April


This is FUNMANTLE - A Seaside Wonderland Adventure 

THIS IS FUNMANTLE - A SEASIDE WONDERLAND ADVENTURE brings all your favourite carnival rides to Fremantle for nine jam packed fun filled days.

THIS IS FUNMANTLE will captivate children aged 2 — 12 years with a full carnival experience around WA’s favourite seaside city.

A $5 (+ BF) ticket will get each child entry to eight individual carnival rides at Salty Sailors Landing, the Magical Market Bazaar, Shipwreck Alley and the Mystical Kings Castle.

Dates: Saturday 10 April - Sunday 18 April 
Times: 9:30am - 2pm 
Cost: $5 
Age: 2 - 12 years 
Bookings: Book tickets at 


Programs are subject to availability. All children 12 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Courtesy Wind Wanderer