Fun at Home - Marvellous Molluscs Activities

Marvellous Mollusc Activities

Shells have been around for over 500 million years. Today we see a wide variety on the beach but what mollusc animals are responsible for making these amazing shell structures, including some that have the beautiful, lustrous mother of pearl?

Discover what these marvellous mollusc animals are through a delightful range of playful hands-on activities for children and their families. 

Visit the Lustre online exhibition and explore more about the marvellous mollusc that creates this natural gem.

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Activity 1 - Clacking Castanets - webpage

Activity 2 - Create a Mollusc Timeline - webpage

Activity 3 - Person with a Pearl - webpage

Activity 4 - Lego Challenge - PDF

Activity 5 - Mollusc Trail - PDF

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