Dinosaur Discovery Augmented Reality Experience

Video | Updated 5 years ago

To celebrate the blockbuster exhibition Dinosaur Discovery, the WA Museum has teamed up with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, local technology start-up Hungry Sky, and animation specialists Eye Candy to unleash the dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period on people walking through the Perth Cultural Centre.

A big screen in the Perth Cultural Centre has been connected to a camera that films people as they walk through the space. On this screen 3D models of four dinosaurs - spinosaurus, australovenator, velociraptor, leaellynasaura - have been programmed to follow and interact with people, and make themselves known to be petted, photographed and played with.

This augmented reality experience will be running in the Perth Cultural Centre, just outside the Western Australian Museum - Perth throughout the duration of the exhibition (from 23 May until mid August 2014).