Beneath the Waves

Online Exhibition | Updated 7 months ago

Beneath the Waves interactive online documentary WA Museum

One of the biggest marine biodiversity surveys in the world, led by researchers from the Western Australian Museum, has been turned into an interactive online documentary with multiple layers of learning thanks to production company Periscope Pictures and funding from ScreenWest.

“Beneath the Waves” showcases the WA Museum’s multi-award winning marine research project, the Woodside Kimberley Collection Project. Funded by Woodside Energy Ltd, this long-standing partnership has seen the collection of more than 16,000 marine species over approximately 476,000 square kilometres of ocean to help further biodiversity understanding, and led to the discovery of 180 new species to date.

As you navigate the site, you can join some of Australia’s top marine biologists as they brave shark and crocodile infested waters and unpredictable elements to reveal the secrets of WA’s amazing Kimberley coastal waters, from its islands and reefs to the continental edge atolls.

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