Fat Toadlet

Uperoleia crassa Tyler, Davies & Martin 1981

Species Info Card | Updated 1 decade ago

A small species with a rotund but roughly oval body shape. It lacks teeth and has short limbs, with only a trace of webbing between the toes. The back and sides of the body are a uniform dark brown, usually with gold markings upon the parotoid glands. The flanks and sides of the head are pale slate, and the undersurface of the body is dull cream tinged with grey between the jaws.

Breeding Biology

Males call from the base of grass tussocks close to water in temporarily flooded areas. Females can lay more than 350 eggs. Nothing is currently known on the tadpoles.


Flooded grasslands with sparse Livistona and Eucalyptus forest.


crassa means 'fat' in reference to the round shape of this species.


This species is very closely related to U. borealis and U. innundata and may be very difficult to distinguish.

Distribution map for Fat Toadlet

Kimberley region. The north-west portion including Truscott, Mitchell Plateau, Prince Regent River Nature Reserve, Mornington Station and Drysdale River Station.

A slow rasp with several pulses.