The megamouth results are in!

Ian MacLeod's blog | Created 1 decade ago

Back in early June we needed to weigh our iconic megamouth shark to test how effective the glycerol solution conservation technique had been in restoring mass to our megamouth shark.

At the time, we ran a contest to see who could guess how large the weight gain would be.

We can now confirm that Megamouth has gained just under 30% of its original mass through the conservation process, and Jahmila Parthenay - you are our winner! Jahmila entered via Facebook and was the closest of our 21 guesses.

You have won a free double pass to our Secrets of the Afterlife exhibition as well as free entry to the Maritime Museum. Congratulations! Please email us at onlineservices (at) to claim your prizes.

Moving the megamouth shark from its old storage tank

Moving Megamouth
Image copyright WA Museum