Steel Trusses Soar Above Site

Article | Updated 6 years ago

"Construction site showing large metal structural beams against a blue sky."
The steel trusses are in place for the New Museum.
WA Museum

The steel trusses are in place for the New Museum.
Image copyright WA Museum 

If you haven’t noticed already, the New Museum is BIG! 

Along with huge amounts of concrete, the construction now includes some massive pieces of steel that connect the two lift towers.

The steel trusses will support the upper levels of the New Museum. Later this year those that will form the stunning cantilevered gallery that floats over the top of the heritage-listed Hackett building, will be constructed.

New Museum for WA
Image copyright WA Museum 

The trusses are being fabricated in Naval Base, around 30 km south of Perth. 

Each truss is measured, cut and welded to specification with some of the pieces measuring 10 – 12 metres in length and 15 metres in height.

Once they have been fabricated and painted, they are transported to site and installed piece by piece then bolted together like a giant Meccano set.

It takes around three days for each segment to be fitted together and craned into place.

We took a crew from Today Tonight to see the work going on at the Perth site and the Naval Base factory of Pacific Industrial Company.