Moridilla fifo

Article | Updated 3 years ago

Thanks to all the entrants to the Name this Creature competition. Last month, Dr Nerida Wilson announced the winning name on ABC Radio National’s Off Track program: Moridilla fifo.

Introducing Moridilla fifo

Introducing Moridilla fifo
Photo by Nerida Wilson, image copyright WA Museum 

Dr Nerida Wilson, Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Aquatic Zoology at the WA Museum, first noticed the nudibranch while diving off the edge of North West Australia 16 years ago. After a long process to scientifically confirm the new species, the species now needs to be formally named. Dr Wilson said,

It’s great that the competition winner came up with such an innovative name. Now we just need to finalise the description and formalise that name into the scientific literature.

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