STRONG BOX, ‘”Sermos”’, black, brass dials x3


Small, rectangular, black painted metal with three brass dials/locking mechanism and red felt lining, ‘”Sermos” money strongbox. Thin, back hinged, lid, with raised ‘bubble’ design border, with 3 raised, circular, brass dials in lower centre of lid. Dials have A-Z engraved around outside edge of face, and 1-0 on inside edge. Slightly raised circular centre on each. Two small, round, rimmed, button-like brass circles above and below centre dial, running along cut-out ‘trench’ in top of lid. Two small, engraved, arrow shapes above outside dials. Deep, plain, base. Unlined lid, with lock mechanism visible at top. ‘”Sermos”’ decoratively engraved into top piece of dial lock mechanism. Thick, red felt lined base, line missing at back of box, exposing yellow paper-based?, material underneath. Reverse/underneath plain. Lid slightly bent at front, black paint scratched off in small patched at top and bottom of lid, and centre of reverse/underneath of base. Dial lock mechanism loose in cut-outs. Felt worn on sides, especially right side. Base inner lip slightly bent upwards where meets bent part of lid. Brass dials tarnished.


History Department


Stanwix Collection

History Collection

Collection Item Data

Accession Number: H2008.221
Accession Date: 17 Dec 2013
Acquisition Year: 2008




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