HANDKERCHIEF SACHET, leather, silk lining, ‘Taschentücher’


[1] Small, oblong (when open), folded, burgundy leather with gold lettering, brass metal clasp and red silk lining, ‘Taschentücher’, handkerchief satchel. Folded front, envelope style, with ‘Taschentücher’ printed in gold, cursive text, with underlining embellishment. Small, engraved leather patch on lower part of top flap, matches smaller patch at top of lower flap, attached to brass clasp. Scalloped shaped brass clasp, with sliding lock mechanism. Sachet opens with top, bottom and left side flap (right missing, see [2] Fragment). Red silk lining, with small border of leather overlap. Engraved leather patches stitching visible on reverse. Flaps made of soft material, base is solid, covered with silk. Right flap torn from main sachet, small triangle remains attached to base. Left flap worn at fold, lining ripped and base material coming through frayed gap. Lower flap clasp area lining worn. Reverse plain. Leather worn at folds, gold lettering faded/worn. Clasp tarnished.
[2] Right flap fragment of handkerchief sachet. Burgundy leather, with red silk lining, torn from main sachet. Corner folded over from lining. Lining frayed where torn from sachet. Leather slightly worn on edges.


History Department


Stanwix Collection

History Collection

Collection Item Data

Accession Number: H2008.173.1-2
Accession Date: 17 Dec 2013
Acquisition Year: 2008



Leather, silk lining

0 - Whole
Silk/Textile0 - Whole





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