HANDBAG, reptile skin, gold plated clasp


[1] Small, triangular shaped, tapered, dark brown reptile skin with gilded metal clasp, handbag. Small scale reptile skin covered body and straps, with internal suede lining. Concertina sides, with metal hinge to halfway down sides. Wide straps, double hemmed. Round, raised clasp, hinges upwards to unlock. Single seam through centre of bottom of bag. Large, open interior, with pockets to the sides. One closing pocket (with press stud closure) where mirror kept [2], slim, open pocket on exterior of lower centre. Opposite side has two slim, cut-like pockets, held refresher towlette [5] and toothpick [6]. Pockets trimmed with reptile skin piping, and lined with fabric (cotton?). Gilded overlay worn from metal hinges and clasp, some green-tinged tarnishing to metal hinge, especially where straps meet. Side concertina fold of bag warped and worn, small tear in skin. Small scratches over skin, sewn hem of straps coming loose close to bag. Dirty marks and light wearing of suede lining.Six tissues found inside, four plain white, one pink, one white with pink lipstick marks (unaccessioned)
[2] Small, rectangular, dark brown reptile skin covered, pocket mirror. Bevelled edge, with reptile skin border and reverse. Skin in as new condition, some marking to mirrored face, in particular; two patches on either side of face.
[3] Small, oblong, white wrapping with red and blue text, paper ‘GLUCOSE/ BARLEY SUGAR’, with six individually, clear plastic wrapped barley sugar inside. Rectangular shaped barley sugar, wrapped in shiny paper packaging, top and bottom reads ‘GLUCOSE/ 45g NET/ BARLEY SUGAR’, sides read ‘…COSE BARLEY SUGAR/ INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED’ & ‘MANUFACTURED EXPRESSLY FOR/ PHARMACEUTICAL GUILD OF AUSTRALIA/ W. ALLEN LTD., 2-14 BYRNE ST., SOUTH MELBOURNE, VICTORIA’. One end of package torn open, other folded as per original packaging. Pacakging in generally good condition, considering use, torn paper around one end, some damage to edges/corners.
[4] Two small, rectangular, white packaging with black detail and yellow and black text, paper wrapping around hard sweets, ‘ ‘S Rademaker HOPJES’, sweets. Packaging reads; ‘DE OORSRONKELIJKE/ RADEMAKER’S CACAO EN CHOCOLADEFABRIEK/ ‘S Rademaker/ HOPJES/ SGRAVENHAGE./ HOLLAND/ Gedep. Merk/ ALLEEN ECHT MET DIT MERK’. Side reads; ‘INGREDIENTS: SUGAR, CORN SYRUP,/ VEGETABLE FAT, DAIRY/ COFFEE EXTRACT/ SALT.’ ‘ ‘S Rademaker HOPJES’ in yellow text, inside black circle, with other text around outside/ top and bottom. Crown motif above circle of text. Pointed ends of folded packaging do no remain folded against sweet. Packaging as new, very few discernible marks, some fading/ slight wearing of text.
[5] Small, rectangular, flat, light blue and white, ‘4711/ Colognette’, refresher towelette. Blue centre, with white border, gold trim and white text. ‘4711’ logo in top left corner, red circle with ‘4711’ written in gold, embellished with gold scroll design and stylised bell motif. White text reads; ‘Colognette/ Refreshing tissues/ Serviette rafraichissante/ Fazzoletto rinfrescante/ Verfrissingsdoeskie’. Reverse reads; ‘Erfrischungstuch/ Immer zur Hand - / macht sauber und frisch’. Edges worn, but packaging still intact and largely undamaged. Refresher towelette inside.
[6] Small, pointed, triangular shaped, light wooden, toothpick. Appears to have been snapped from connected line of thin toothpicks, smaller sections of other toothpicks attached at larger end.


History Department


Stanwix Collection

History Collection

Collection Item Data

Accession Number: H2008.212.1-6
Accession Date: 25 Nov 2013
Acquisition Year: 2008


length360mmWith straps (230mm without straps)



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