GLOVE BAG, mustard, felt, appliquéd


Long, thin, clutch-style, mustard yellow with orange and navy blue scalloped and floral applique, felt outer with silk lining, glove bag. Fine, scalloped edges on bag and flap. Flap has intricate layered, floral applique design. Mustard yellow background, with navy blue and gold stitched design (Circle with three radiating curved leaf? Motif) on either side of flap. Underneath which lies double semi-circular navy blue bordering, with vertical stripes of gold thread, interspersed with small, simple, floral motif. Final border is bright orange/red, scalloped material cut into double, semi-circular scalloped shape, with simple floral design interspersed with simple navy blue circles and gold stitching detail. Plain front and reverse. Bright yellow silk partial lining, covers flap and just under lip of bag. Mustard yellow felt discoloured with dirty marks at top of flap and on reverse, spot of fading where front meets flap. Gold thread detail coming loose/fraying over flap. Yellow lining stained/dirty.


History Department


Stanwix Collection

History Collection

Collection Item Data

Accession Number: H2008.165
Accession Date: 12 Dec 2013
Acquisition Year: 2008



Felt outer, silk lining

0 - Whole
Silk/Textile0 - Whole





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