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Conference (1904)

Quinn's Rock, 20 miles north of Fremantle

Built UK, ports were Liverpool, Geelong, Sydney, Adelaide and NZ ports., 3-masted iron barque, Hulked at Albany in 1895, originally 3-masted bargue, replaced Sarah Burnyeat.
Scuttled by explosives.


Ship Built

Owner Adelaide Steamship Co.

Master Captain Tait

Builder Tayleur and Company, Warrington

Country Built UK

Port Built Warrington, Lancashire

Port Registered Sydney

When Built 1855

Ship Lost

Gouped Region Metro

Sinking Several holes were punched in her hull

When Lost 1904

Where Lost Quinn's Rock, 20 miles north of Fremantle

Latitude -31.6714166667

Longitude 115.6606666667

Position Information GPS

Port From Scuttled Quinn's Rocks

Port To Scuttled Quinn's Rocks

Ship Details

Engine N

Length 50.20

Beam 8.00

TONA 421.00

TONB 399.00

Draft 4.80

Museum Reference

Official Number 25992

Unique Number 677

Sunk Code Scuttled

File Number 2009/0094/SG _MA-109/91

Chart Number PWD 51346

Protected Protected Federal

Found Y

Inspected Y

Date Inspected 1996

Confidential NO