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ZW6 - Duit (1720)


Coin Heritage

Province Mint Holland

Soverign Issuer Estates General

Coin TypeDuit

Country of OriginUnited Netherlands

Date 1720

Coin Details

Weight 3.06g

Composition Copper

Condition aF

Date Found c.1970

Museum Reference

Registration Number 6

Map of shipwreck


Zeewijk was wrecked on the Houtman Abrolhos on 9 June 1727. The Zeewijk did not break up immediately and goods, including the treasure chests, were transferred to Gun Island. It was obvious to the crew that the ship could never be floated from its position locked into the reef.
A rescue group of eleven of the fittest survivors and First Mate set off for Batavia in the longboat on 10 July...