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BEL5 - Penny (1797)


Copper  Penny

Coin Heritage

Province Mint Soho

Soverign Issuer George III

Coin TypePenny

Country of OriginGreat Britain

Date 1797

Coin Details

Weight 19.87g

Composition Copper

Condition VP

Museum Reference

Registration Number 5

Map of shipwreck


Belinda was built at Yarmouth with one deck, copper fastened and with iron knees. No dimensions apart from the tonnage are known, but it was stated as having a draught of 13 ft (3.96 m) when fully loaded. It was owned by J. Lee and was under the command of Captain Thomas Coverdale with a crew of 25. The brig was armed with two guns. The Belinda had arrived at Hobart on 12 November 1823 after a...