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LL4052 - Fittings

Lady Lyttleton

Fittings artefact recovered from Lady Lyttleton

Figurehead: female figure, painted wood. “Lady Lyttleton”. Forearm (right) missing, trunk hollowed by dry rot.

Site Area Code South Coast

Number of Items 1

Material Fittings

Museum Reference

Registration Number 4052

ID 24099

Status Commonwealth

Map of shipwreck

Lady Lyttleton

Lady Lyttleton formerly Sultan (?-1867)

Official Number: 32704
Port of Registration: Melbourne
Rig Type: Barque
Hull: Wood
Length: 94.4 ft (28.77 m)
Breadth: 21.1 ft (6.43 m)
Depth: 9.7 ft (2.96 m)
Tonnage: 178.3 gross, 139.37 underdeck
Port from: Adelaide
Port to: Fremantle
Date lost: 17 July 1867
Location: Emu Point...