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KA2428 - General


Katinka , Royal Humane Society certificate . Presented to John Delfs -1900 - Harbour Master.

Site Area Code South West

Site Location Hamelin Bay

Number of Items 1

Material General

Museum Reference

Registration Number 2428

ID 10742

Status Commonwealth

Map of shipwreck


Katinka was built under Special Survey by Macfadyen & Co. at Glasgow to Lloyd’s Special Survey A1 standard, and launched in August 1874 as the ship Ardenconnel, Official No. 67947. It had a raised quarterdeck 11 m long, one bulkhead and was cemented. The owner of the Ardenconnel in 1879 was J. Brymner & Co., and it was registered at Greenock. The vessel was converted to barque rig at...