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2000 - Present
Aboriginal flag is first flown.

Commonwealth Office of Aboriginal Affairs is upgraded to a Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Whitlam Federal Government adopts self-determination as the official government policy in Indigenous Affairs.

The Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act provides for the establishment of an Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority, a Commissioner for Aboriginal Planning and an Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Council to provide consultative and other services and for the economic, social and cultural advancement of persons of Aboriginal descent in Western Australia. The Native Welfare Act 1963 is repealed.

The Western Australian Aboriginal Heritage Act is declared with the aim of protecting places and objects of significance to Aboriginal people.  

Neville Bonner is elected to Senate for Queensland, becoming the first indigenous person to be elected to any Australian parliament.

Aboriginal tent embassy is pitched outside Parliament House, Canberra.

A Royal Commission headed by L.C. Furnell Q.C. inquires into all matters affecting the well-being of Aboriginal people in Western Australia.

First national elections for Indigenous people, to elect 41 members of the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC). More than 27,000 Aboriginal people vote.

Western Australian Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority (AAPA) Act is amended and a merger takes place between the Authority and the Federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs (DAA). The Commonwealth is responsible for the administration of the AAPA Act.

Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act guarantees the right of every Australian, regardless of race, to equal treatment before the law.

National Aboriginal Conference (NAC) replaces the NACC and provides a forum for the expression of Aboriginal views.

Kimberley Land Council is established.

Western Australian Aboriginal Communities Act is proclaimed, allowing certain Aboriginal communities to manage and control community affairs.

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