BOOKLET, 'Australian Bicentennial Exhibition Education Kit and Pop up'


Folder with Bicentennial Exhibition programme detailing themes of Journey, Environment, Identity, Today, Together and Futures. Insert sleeve in the front of the folder contains A4 booklet on Ampol and their history as supporters of the Education Kit. A smaller brochure on the Bicentennial exhibition an an Australian Bicentenary 1788 - 1988 sticker. The folder further opens out to reveal a pop up cardboard display of the Exhibition tent which houses the travelling exhibition.The pop up tent is depicted as sitting on vibrant green grass surrounded by some small bushes and trees. Four blue vehicles are also positioned at the back of the tent which can be expanded using a pull out card. Arial view of people making their way to the tent are scattered throughout the landscape. The pop up tent itself is open on one side with a exhibition panel inside reading 'The Australian Bicentenary 1788 - 1988'. The top ring of the pop up tent is yellow with a small orange flag on top. Blue rings below this which are in a band starting from dark blue moving towards light blue. Ken Done like paneling is featured around the perimeter of the closed section of the tent. The artist R Harris is identified on the work. The Ampol logo together with the Australian Bicentenary logo is printed on the grass together with a description of the exhibition itself.


Sticker - White background landscape format sticker. 'The Australian Bicentenary 1788-1988 printed in white on a black banner running along the top. 'The Celebration of a Nation' printed in coloured decorative font. The O in Celebration replaced with Australian Flag and the N is the Australian Bicentenary logo which is a map of Australia minus Tasmania.

Australian Bicentennial Exhibition brochure DL size white background with Australian Bicentenary branding and Ken Done like art on the front. 'Australian Bicentennial Exhibition' printed in grey block letters. Green, yellow, blue red coloured diagonal lines of varying width and length across the top of the brochure. BHP logo at the bottom of the front page encapsulated in red diagonal band with Bicentennial logo. Ticketing information and Booking office details printed on the back of the brochure in black text.

Ampol A4 colour booklet detailing history of Ampol. Cover image features black and white image of Ampol Service Station in the 1950s overlaid on a colour image of Ampol Service Station in the 1980s. 'True-Blue Australian' written on the top justified right. Ampol logo on the bottom right hand corner. Back of the booklet has a smaller image of Albion Park Ampol Service Station in New South Wales set on a blue background. Ampol offices are listed below the image printed in white text. Booklet contains 5 pages.


History Department


History Collection

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Accession Number: H2017.40
Accession Date: 24 May 2017


Adhesive Tape/Paper1 - Part 1
Cardboard/Paper4 - Part 4
Paper/Paper0 - Whole


height15mmwhen closed



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