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Korean Star (1988/05/20)

Cape Cuvier

Ship Built

Owner Green Spanker Shippings S.A.

Master Captain Gim Jong Du

Country Built Panama

Port Registered Panama

When Built 1984

Ship Lost

Gouped Region Mid-West

Sinking torn in half during Cyclone

Crew 19

Deaths none

When Lost 1988/05/20

Where Lost Cape Cuvier

Latitude -24.214021

Longitude 113.419339

Position Information Aerial GIS

Port From Hong Kong

Port To Cape Cuvier

Ship Details

Length 165.60

Beam 26.00

TONA 18.64

TONB 10.51

Draft 14.80

Museum Reference

Official Number 14421-84

Unique Number 951

Sunk Code Wrecked and sunk

Chart Number 1056

Protected Not protected State

Found Y

Inspected N

Confidential NO