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Perth II HMAS (35757)

500m SW from Seal Island, King George Sound

HMAS Perth II was a 4,850 tonnes, 133 metre long Charles F. Adams (Modified Perth) class guided missile destroyer built in Michigan, USA. It was the Royal Australian Navy’s only vessel to have been hit by enemy fire in the last 50 years, while assigned to the US Seventh Fleet in Vietnam between 1967-69. The US Secretary of Navy awarded HMAS Perth with two citations for ‘Meritorious Service’ and ‘Exceptionally Meritorious Service’. In 1981-82 HMAS Perth II patrolled the Western Arabian Sea with the USS Ranger and USS John F. Kennedy battle groups during the Iran-Iraq War, and undertook numerous other missions and diplomatic visits as Australia’s senior naval unit, steaming over a million nautical miles throughout the world.
After a distinguished 34 year career HMAS Perth II was decommissioned in 1999, and on 24 November 2001 was scuttled in 38m depth off Seal Island, King George Sound to become a recreational dive site.
HMAS Perth II is now enjoying a revival as a premier dive tourism attraction in the state’s Southwest, along with HMAS Swan scuttled in 1998 off Dunsborough.
The WA Museum’s underwater archaeologists and conservators monitor the HMAS Perth II and HMAS Swan wrecks, to record information about site formation and corrosion processes on historic iron and steel shipwrecks.

Ship Built

Owner ex Royal Australian Navy (no longer a Commonwealth/ RAN defence asset)

Builder Defoe Ship Company

Country Built USA

Port Built Bay City Michigan

When Built 1962

Ship Lost

Gouped Region South-Coast

Sinking Scuttled as artifical reef, recreational dive site

When Lost 35757

Where Lost 500m SW from Seal Island, King George Sound

Latitude -35.07983

Longitude 117.967683

Position Information GPS 2005

Minimum Depth of site 38.00

Ship Details

Engine N

Length 133.20

Beam 14.30

TONA 4850.00

TONB 3500.00

Draft 20.00

Museum Reference

Unique Number 934

Registration Number D38

Sunk Code Scuttled

File Number 2010/0030/SG _MA-195/72

Chart Number AUS110

Protected Not protected State

Found Y

Inspected Y

Confidential NO