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Carlisle Castle (1899/07/11)

Warnboro Rockingham Coventery Reef

Bulit Blackwall England as a ful-rigged ship. Cargo estimated at between £40-50 000. Lost with all hands in a force 10 gale which also claimed City of York.
One of the famous Blackwall Frigate type.

Ship Built

Owner J. Robertson

Master Captain Lindsay

Builder R. and H. Green of Blackwall

Country Built UK

Port Built London

Port Registered London

When Built 1868

Ship Lost

Gouped Region Metro

Sinking Gale

Crew 24

Deaths 24

When Lost 1899/07/11

Where Lost Warnboro Rockingham Coventery Reef

Latitude -32.33325

Longitude 115.63525

Position Information GPSMag 2004/3/29

Port From Glasgow

Port To Fremantle

Cargo Rail lines / general

Ship Details

Engine N

Length 70.00

Beam 11.50

TONA 1344.00

Draft 6.90

Museum Reference

Official Number 60871

Unique Number 1144

Sunk Code Unknown

File Number 2009/0084/SG _MA-406/71

Chart Number DMH 277

Protected Protected Federal

Found Y

Inspected Y

Date Inspected 1986/11

Confidential NO