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Unidentified Dredge No. 2 Possibly Premier (unknown)

W of Stragglers

See entry for dredge possibly the Fremantle scuttled near Stragglers Rocks. Site ID pending further site inspection and confirmation. There are two unidentified dredges in close proximity.
See also Premier

Ship Built

Ship Lost

Gouped Region Metro

When Lost unknown

Where Lost W of Stragglers

Latitude -32.0632166667

Longitude 115.6212666667

Position Information +GPS

Minimum Depth of site 16.10

Ship Details

Engine N

Length 48.00

Museum Reference

Unique Number 1

File Number 2011/0023/SG _MA-9/80

Chart Number 117

Protected Unknown

Found Y

Inspected Y

Date Inspected 2009/02/02

Confidential NO