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The Georgette was wrecked on 30 November 1876 off Calgardup Bay. There were 50 passengers on board plus crew and cargo and Captain Godfrey decide to launch the boats. The first was swamped by a large wave and a number of the occupants were drowned. An Aboriginal stockman, Sam Isaacs saw the tragedy unfolding and raised the alarm at the home of the Bussell family. He and Grace Bussell then became heroes as they rode their horses into the surf to help the survivors. Bussell became known as ‘A Western Australian Grace Darling’ for her part in the rescue. She was awarded a medal and inscribed gold watch and Isaacs awarded a bronze medal. Apart from his medal, Sam Isaacs received little public recognition compared to Grace Bussell.

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Year 1876

Nationality Australian

Location Calgardup Bay

Source European