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The Belinda was wrecked near Middle Island in the Recherche Archipelago on 17 May 1824. She was on her way to the sealing grounds on the south coast of Western Australia. The ship’s crew all survived and began to sail back to Sydney in two of the ship’s boats. One of these boats was then swamped after they had travelled about 200 miles, and the crew decided to walk back to Middle Island, with the other boat attending them offshore. The whole crew were eventually returned to Sydney by the brig Nereus which was sealing in the area. This was not until March of 1825, so a question remains whether these survivors came into contact with Aboriginals, either on their long trek back to Middle Island, or even during their time on the island prior to their rescue. The Aboriginal people associated with this area may be the Wudjari, the Ngatjumay or the Mirning.

Associated Tribe Wudjari, Ngatjumay, Mirning

Contact Evidence Possible

Type of contact Unknown

Year 1824

Location Middle Island Recherche Archipelago

Source European