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NRC473 - Eight Reales (NVD)

Correio da Azia

Coin Heritage

Province Mint Mexico

Coin TypeEight Reales

Country of OriginSpanish America

Date NVD

Coin Details

Weight 22.14g

Composition Silver

Condition –/F

Date Found 1/07/2011

Museum Reference

Registration Number 473

Map of shipwreck

Correio da Azia

1817 Emilla was dispatched to salvage the Correio da Azia. Capt. Pedro Jose da Silva Loureiro, Pilot Luis Beltrao

The Correio da Azia was ‘coming from Lisbon to Macau against weather, seas and wind, fire, shallows and coastal dangers and errors of maps’ (de Freitas 1816) when it ran aground on Ningaloo reef on 26 November, 1816. Established by the Portuguese in 1557 and returned to...