Dwyer and Mackay

Younsters at Leonora School were preparing for a lighning sports carnival in Kalmbalda. Top left to right are Wayne Richards, Steven Dear. Brennan Ashwin and Amanda Szolkowski. Below are Dietrich van Speybroeck, Rohati Stanford, Vanessa Cummins, Scott Viska, Stanley Ashwin and Craig Makar.

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Keywords: younstersleonoraschoolpreparinglighningsportscarnivalkalmbaldatopleftwaynerichardsstevendearbrennanashwinamandaszolkowskidietrichvanspeybroeckrohatistanfordvanessacumminsscottviskastanleycraigmakar
Registration Number: KM00267
Cataloguer: Mrs. Moya Sharp
Month Taken: 6
Day Taken: 29
Year Taken: 1987

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