Dwyer and Mackay

Dining room tables set with tablecloths, lidded glass confectionery jars, fruit and flower decorations and bottles of wine etc. Room furnished with decorative silver ware, clocks, paintings and lace curtains.

Collection Item Data

Medium Format: 16.5x21.6 cm. / 6.5x8.5 inch
Condition: clear image some damage on left.
Medium: Unknown B&W
Keywords: diningroomtablessettableclothsliddedglassconfectioneryjarsfruitflowerdecorationsbottleswinefurnisheddecorativesilverwareclockspaintingslacecurtains
Accession Number: GMM1035-88B
Registration Number: GM02035
Location: Boulder, Recreation Hotel
State: WA W
Creator:  J.J. Dwyer
Original Legal Broker: Museum of the Goldfields - MOG; Golden Mile Museum
Cataloguer:  Sharma Peebles

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