Voyages of Grand Discovery
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In Search of the Great Southland
Past Before Time
Dirk Hartog
Willem de Vlamingh
William Dampier
Nicolas Baudin
Saint Alouran
Matthew Flinders
Louis de Freycinet
Lines of Fate
Nearly seventy years after the Western Australian Museum was founded in 1871
as a natural science institution, the collection focus was greatly expanded to include archaeology, anthropology and history. In particular over the last few decades the Museum has undertaken significant expeditions to document shipwrecks and discover exploration relics of the early Dutch, French, English and Portuguese explorers.

Whoever considers the progress of science and of commerce, within a few centuries, must confess that mankind are much indebted to those heroes who went in quest of New Lands.’ Alexander Dalrymple, Voyages in the South Pacific Ocean, 1770: xvii, xxiv.

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