Due to staff changes at the WA Museum, WAMTS has altered the services provided by staff and the way they are delivered. The WAMTS webpage will no longer be used for the submission of requests, and consultants will need to email each curator/department individually. Please refer to Templates and Guidelines for submission instructions.

Consultation Contacts

Arachnids/Myriapoda - Mark Harvey (mark.harvey@museum.wa.gov.au)

Insects - Nikolai Tatarnic (Nikolai.Tatarnic@museum.wa.gov.au)

Crustaceans/Worms - Ana Hara (ana.hara@museum.wa.gov.au)

Molluscs - Lisa Kirkendale (lisa.kirkendale@museum.wa.gov.au); Corey Whisson (corey.whisson@museum.wa.gov.au)

Reptiles - Paul Doughty (paul.doughty@museum.wa.gov.au)

Mammals - Kenny Travouillon (kenny.travouillon@museum.wa.gov.au)

Sample Submission and Specimen Registration

Please email each individual curator should you wish to submit specimens to the WAM. Each curator will then decide on the feasibility of submission and provide instructions for each set of specimens. Each department will decide on a case by case basis if they continue to issue WAM registration numbers for specimens.

For all Rio Tinto projects please liaise directly with your Rio Tinto representative regarding the specimen submission and registration process.

Morphological Identifications

One of the most important change is that WAMTS will no longer undertake any morphological identifications of any specimens.

Molecular Identifications

Molecular identifications will still be available on an ad hoc basis until further notice.

Database searches

All currently available database searches will be available but there will be no provision of filtered data (i.e. SRE or subterranean). All data will be raw database extractions only and will be without analysis or comment.


The new WAM loan policy strongly discourages any loans not to recognised educational institutions. Loans to consultants will be decided on a case by case basis and only in exceptional circumstances. Please contact individual curators to discuss options for viewing or comparing specimens. Future loans may be subject to fees if they are for commercial purposes.

Templates and Guidelines

Lodgement Guidelines

Reporting Charges and Invoices

Data (spreadsheet) templates

Label templates

Charges, etc.

About WAM-TS

The Western Australian Museum Taxonomic Service (WAM-TS) has been developed to provide an efficient way for consultancies to lodge requests for molecular identification and/or registration of fauna specimens at the WA Museum.

An introduction to the WA Museum's Taxonomic Services

The Western Australian Museum undertakes valuable research to collect, preserve, and study the natural heritage of Western Australia and to promote understanding, enjoyment, and conservation of that heritage. As part of this objective, the role of the Western Australian Museum has been expanded, allowing it to undertake commercial contracts that primarily enhance the Museum’s collections and make a significant contribution to the knowledge of the State’s fauna.

For contracts concerning Terrestrial Fauna Surveys for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in Western Australia, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) require that voucher specimens need to be lodged with the WA museum and nomenclature for specimens in reports need to conform with those used by the WA museum (http://www.epa.wa.gov.au/EPADocLib/1850_GS56.pdf). The WAM-TS website facilitates the submission of biological specimens to the Western Australian Museum for identification or registration within our collection by providing guidelines for preparation and lodgement of samples, and spreadsheet data templates for the various natural science sections of the museum. Data on registered specimens become integrated into the museums databases and are available for background research on survey areas.

To retrieve results of a submission, you will require a log-in. If you wish to register, please contact Mark Harvey: Mark.Harvey@museum.wa.gov.au