Accompanying Family Wilhelmus "Bill" aged 9 Johanna "Ankje" aged 7 Lucia "Lucy" aged 4
First settled in Scarborough, Western Australia


Departure Port Rotterdam, Netherlands
Arrival Year 1953


16 panel

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Wilhelmus "Wim" and Antonia "Toni" van Lamoen arrived in Fremantle after changing their intended destination from Melbourne to Perth. Stayed at the Holden Migration Camp, Northam before moving to Scarborough.


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Visitor Submitted Comments

  • Hi we miss you so much we saw you on the welcome walls on panel sixteen and I love you from tyler and gran and bevan and julie

    Wed 11 Apr 2012

  • Dear Pop,
    I miss you so much and I really wish you were alive again and I wish you could watch me grow up to be big and strong. I love you Pop!!!

    Sat 28 Dec 2013

  • Hi Pop we miss you so much and we wish you were back alive again we all love you from Tyler

    Sun 29 Dec 2013

  • Dear Pop,

    I miss you so much we saw you on panel 16 at the Western Australia museum. I am now 10 years old and I wish you were alive again to so you could see me all big and tall. I miss you so much.

    Love from your grandson Tyler.

    Mon 1 Sep 2014

  • Oh what a family, 3 Dutch kids and 3 Aussie kids for our parents, in a such different cultures for both generations.

    Yet, what a joy it was to be a part of.

    I miss you so much my Brother and my Friend

    Fri 17 Apr 2015

  • Dear Nana, Granddad, Uncle Bill, and Mum - I was just talking about Auntie Ankje to a colleague, which lead to a search and I found this page. I miss you all, and I hope that from where you're seeing me; you can see I'm doing my best to make you proud, as is my own burgeoning family.

    Wed 8 Jun 2016

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