Dwyer and Mackay

Interior of Kalgoorlie Electric Lighhht Station showing generator(/) "No1"

Collection Item Data

Medium Format: 16.5x21.6 cm. / 6.5x8.5 inch
Condition: Good
Medium: Unknown B&W
Keywords: interiorkalgoorlieelectriclighhhtstationshowinggenerator
Accession Number: GMM606/329
Registration Number: GM01606
Location: Kalgoorlie
State: WA W
Creator:  J.J. Dwyer
Original Legal Broker: Museum of the Goldfields - MOG; Golden Mile Museum
Cataloguer:  Sharma Peebles
Month Taken: 10
Day Taken: 8
Year Taken: 1907


See also GM01160/01434/01511/01550

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