Image of Saccostrea band in the intertidal at Point Sampson (Photo: Nerida Wilson)
Close up of Saccostrea oysters (with chitons) (Photo: Nerida Wilson)


Saccostrea n. sp.

Shell solid, unequal valves. Very variable shape, with crenulated margin. Externally cream-purple-brown, internally white, with some purple colouration.


This species looks almost identical to other Saccostrea species. It is most easily distinguished by using DNA.


The relationships among species in Saccostrea are still not well understood. This new species is most closely related to S. cucullata (lineage A in Lam & Morton 2006).


Sessile after the larvae settles and attaches to hard substrate.

Method of reproduction

Likely a broadcast spawner as for other members of the genus.


Marine, intertidal

Hard substrate in the high intertidal. Will settle on rocky shores or wood.


North-western Australia.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Bivalvia
Subclass: Pteriomorpha
Order: Ostreida
Superfamily: Ostreoidea
Family: Ostreidae
Subfamily: Saccostreinae
Genus: Saccostrea
Species: n. sp.
Rank: species
Commercial Impact: 

Exploratory fishery in the north

Conservation Assessment: Least Concern

Phylogenetic Tree: 

Phylogenetic tree

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