Syarinidae Chamberlin, 1930


The pseudoscorpions currently included in the Syarinidae have had a chequered history. They were first recognized by Chamberlin (1930) who included three genera, Syarinus and Hyarinus in the Syarininae, and Chitra in the Chitrinae. The latter was altered to Chitrellinae by Beier (1932) when the homonymous name Chitra was altered to Chitrella. Ideobisium and other ideobisiines were deemed to be confamilial with syarinines by Muchmore (1982). They had previously been considered members of the Neobisiidae. The subfamily Microcreagrellinae was created for Microcreagrella by Beier (1963), but this genus is most likely a member of the Chitrellinae.

The current classification of the family is derived from Muchmore (1982) and Zaragoza (2010).

Harvey (1992) noted that the name Ideobisiinae, which was created by Banks (1895), has 35 years priority over Syarinidae but, in the interests of stability, refrained from altering the family name.

The family is divided into four subfamilies: Arcanobisiinae, Chitrellinae, Ideobisiinae and Syarininae. The enigmatic genus Hyarinus from California cannot be satisfactorily placed into one of the existing subfamilies.

Species of Syarininae occur in North America and Europe (Syarinus) and Tasmania (Anysrius); Arcanobisiinae (Arcanobisium) is restricted to Spain; the Chitrellinae are found in North America and Europe; and the Ideobisiinae are largely cosmo-tropical. They are found in leaf litter and soil, as well as caves.


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