Field Guides and Catalogues

Field Guides and Catalogues of the Western Australian Museum offers a range of taxanomy-based species catalogues and field guide information.


  • Image of a Pseudoscorpion

    Arachnids of the world

    Comprehensive information about valid names, literature, and taxonomy of Pseudoscorpions, Palpigrades, Ricinuleids, Schizomids, Solifuges, Whip scorpions and Whip spiders.

  • A large pinned beetle

    Digitised Type Specimens

    A catalogue of high resolution photography of some of our type specimens.

  • WAMinals species comparison view


    WAMinals provides photos, key diagnostic characteristics, and distribution data of species of interest in Western Australia based on records from the Western Australian Museum which includes undescribed species.

    NOTE: WAMinals does not contain the WAM’s animal catalogues. WAMinals a limited identification resource for environmental consultants conducting invertebrate surveys in Western Australia, and is still a work in progress. Many of the WAM’s records can be accessed via the  Atlas of Living Australia page

  • Field guide to frogs of Western Australia cover

    Field Guides

    A range of exciting and easy-to-read field guides in both printed and electronic form.