Ideoroncidae Chamberlin, 1930


The Ideoroncidae were first recognized by Chamberlin (1930) who included four genera within the Ideoroncinae, Ideoroncus, Albiorix, Dhanus and Shravana, as well as Bochica within the Bochicinae. Beier (1932) added Hya, placed in the Hyidae by Chamberlin (1930), within the family, but Chamberlin (1946) reinstated the Hyidae, once again excluding Hya from the Ideoroncidae. The family Ideoroncidae was restricted to Ideoroncus and its closest relatives by Muchmore (1982), which was followed by Harvey (1992).

The family currently contains 11 genera, five of which are found in the New World and six in the Old World.

Ideoroncids are found in tropical Africa, Asia, western North America, and South America. They have been collected in leaf litter, under stones, under bark or in caves.


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Pseudoscorpions in this family