Chernetidae Menge, 1855


The family Chernetidae was first created by Menge (1855) but it gained little acceptance until revalidated and redefined by Chamberlin (1931) and Beier (1932). Apart from the addition of numerous new taxa, the family has not significantly altered in extent since then, apart from Judson (1985) demonstrating that the Myrmochernetidae should be regarded as a synonym of Chernetidae.

The Chernetidae are a highly diverse family with over 650 species in more than 110 genera. Three subfamilies are recognized but their status and interrelationships are very poorly understood. Goniochernetinae (three genera) are defined by the shape of the posterior margin of the carapace and the Lamprochernetinae (seven genera) can be recognized by the morphology of the female spermathecae, which are T-shaped. The Chernetinae include the remainder of the family and its monophyly has never been demonstrated.

Chernetids are found all over the world, occurring under bark of trees, in leaf litter, in caves, as well as a variety of other habitats.


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