Sternophoridae Chamberlin, 1923


The Sternophoridae were first recognized by Chamberlin (1923) who described the genus Sternophorus for S. sini from Mexico. The group was raised to family level by Chamberlin (1931), and revised by Harvey (1985). Sternophorids were placed in their own superfamily by Harvey (1992), which was regarded as the sister-group to the Cheliferoidea.

The Sternophoridae currently contains three genera, Garyops (along with the junior synonym Sternophorus), Idiogaryops and Afrosternophorus.

The Sternophoridae occur in several regions of the world. Garyops has been found in North America and central America. Idiogaryops occurs in North America and the Caribbean region. Afrosternophorus occurs throughout the Old World, including Africa, Asia and Australia.


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Pseudoscorpions in this family